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College Bound Student Athletes mission is to develop student athletes that will compete in the classroom and in the sports arena at the highest level, while also cultivating good character, superior sportsmanship and a team oriented mind set.


  • Will compete and develop at the highest level in the classroom and in their respective sports arena.

  • Will exhibit sportsmanship by playing with enthusiasm, spirit, and desire at all times.

  • Will be able to expect advice and or constructive criticism in a humble and gracious way, understanding that this advice or criticism is given in an effort to help them improve.

  • Will be dedicated to improve themselves in the classroom and in their respective sports arena by maintaining a 2.5 GPA or above, staying in condition, eating a proper diet, attending every practice and/or training session.

  • Will be loyal by exhibiting character in a Godly manner, having a sense of team rather than a sense of me, showing the utmost respect to themselves, their team, and coaches.